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About us

Inspirational Lighting Company

Started in 1995 PT. Supplai Limpah Inti Cahaya plans to keep developing our services and expanding our market in lighting industry. We supply quality lighting equipment and supporting services for any lighting application.

We are representing numbers of the major lighting manufacturers in the world, assuring our clients with trustworthy products and services in the industry.

Lighting equipment and controls technologies are developing at light speed: hundreds of new products are introduced to the marketplace annually. To provide proper design solutions that make use of the latest, most-cost-effective technologies, we attend national and international trade shows and continually update product information and samples from hundreds of manufacturers.

We strive to increase our range of products and services. The aim is to highlight the relationship between light, interior design and architecture to perfection. Developing a lighting design includes finding the right solution for light-technical aesthetic, price-wise and environmentally sustainable levels. So our clients receive a lighting design solutions based on research and expertise.

We have worked in different types of large project all around the Indonesia, as well in Asian countries, such as Singapore, Vietnam and China.

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